two birds perched on top of a tree branch
Ray Sander, DBG President, announced that the gardens are launching a new fundraising campaign to install an Eagle camera along the gardens 1,000 feet of Pepper Creek shoreline where an Eagle’s nest is located. The campaign begins during the Delaware’s Do More 24 Campaign March 7-8, but continues all year as the Delaware Botanic Gardens opens for the season on Thursday March 14th. Guests can contribute at the Welcome Center or online. Sander said, “We are thrilled to announce our endeavor to invite sponsorship support for the acquisition of Eagle Nest Cam and Wildlife cameras, revolutionizing the way visitors observe with our abundant wildlife on out 37-acre site. Donate online at www.delawaregardens.org/give-today.
Stephen Pryce Lea, Director of Horticulture and Educational Programs said, “Contributions from our supporters will not only facilitate the purchase and installation of the Eagle Nest Cam and Wildlife trail cameras but also fortify our ongoing efforts to enhance the overall visitor experience at the Delaware Botanic Gardens.
He continued, “Nestled within the shoreline gardens lies a haven for wildlife, from the graceful Kestrel to the majestic Bald Eagles, the Vibrant Bluebirds, Night Owls and Woodpeckers, just a few of the wild species that contribute to the diverse tapestry of our ecosystem. Join us in our mission to foster a deeper connection with nature and embark on a journey of discovery at the Delaware Botanic Gardens. Together, let us observe, cherish, educate and preserve the unparalleled beauty of our Eastern Shore wildlife.”
Sheryl Swed, DBG Executive Director, said, “We are excited about this rare opportunity to use solar powered cameras to give us an intimate glimpse into the daily life of these magnificent creatures onsite at the Welcome Center or through live streaming into your homes.”
The mission of the gardens is to create an inspirational, educational, and sustainable public garden in Delaware for the benefit and enjoyment of all.    For additional information about Delaware Botanic Gardens, including memberships and volunteering go to www.delaweargardens.org.