Ocean View

Ocean View, Delaware
Incorporated: 1889

The town of Ocean View is a vibrant Coastal Community that places a high priority on quality of life including public safety, cleanliness, and improving its infrastructure for walking and biking. Annual events and activities strive to promote a sense of community.


During the colonial era, Ocean View was a 500-acre tract of land known as Middlesex. It was granted to the Scarborough family through Lord Baltimore and passed to the Hazzard family after Mr. Scarborough’s death. Eventually, it came into the possession of the Hall family who, in the early 1800’s, opened Hall’s Store. The store was located on Hall’s farm which was on the original Middlesex plantation. Over time, a community grew around the central store and became known as Ocean View as people began to discover and enjoy the nearby beaches.  In the early 1900s, Mrs. Cecil Long Steele introduced the area to what would become Delaware’s leading agricultural business- the broiler-fried chicken. This commerce spanned the southern part of the state and is still present today.


Ocean View Town Hall
201 Central Ave, Ocean View, DE 19970