Selbyville, Delaware
Incorporated: 1902

Known for its small-town feel, the growing community of Selbyville is home to Mountaire Farms, the town’s largest employer, as well as Doyle’s Restaurant, the oldest-running diner in Delaware’s history. With a few thousand residents, it’s a small gem of a town tucked away from any sign of urban sprawl, yet travel a few miles east and you’ll find yourself at the beach among the local tourist attractions.  With its Title 1 award-winning schools and promise of future growth, Selbyville is rapidly becoming a sought-after place to call home. A place where you can have a relaxed, quiet lifestyle and still feel like you are within reach of local and community amenities.


Originally known as Sandy Branch, Selbyville was once a major supplier of strawberries for the entire east coast. Today, it remains an area with a firm foothold in agriculture. Soybeans, corn, and poultry make up the majority of the local income. The Breakwater & Frankford Railroad station made its way to Selbyville in the late 1800s, connecting it to the main artery of the railroad that traveled through the center of Delmarva. This allowed the town to expand, thrive, and secured its economic value into the 1930s.


Selbyville Town Hall
68 W. Church St, Selbyville, DE 199975