Millville, Delaware
Incorporated: 1907

The town of Millville covers two square miles and its main road Route 26 is lined with thriving businesses. While people still vacation in Millville, this gateway year-round community projects a feeling of warm country living as it continues to grow! Whether you’re looking for a quaint small town to call home or simply a cozy place to visit and shop on a Saturday afternoon, Millville is there and ready to welcome you.


Millville has no definite record of when it was founded; rather it seemed to evolve over time until it was officially incorporated in 1907. Even its name changed over the years; for a time, the names “Dukestown” and “Dukesville” were considered because of the prominence and number of Dukes family members who resided in the community. The marsh-lined area was the home to several plantations and eventually, several lumber and grist mills which eventually led to the town’s final name.  Millville was born on the backs of small families of watermen, ship captains, millers, and farmers; all of whom weathered waves of prosperity and depression in the dawning of the 20th century.


Millville Town Hall
36404 Club House Rd, Millville DE, 19967