Fenwick Island

Fenwick Island, Delaware
Incorporated: 1953

This quaint coastal town is located on a barrier split and is the last town before crossing into the state of Maryland. Each summer, visitors to Fenwick Island spend their days lounging at the nearby State Park beach and exploring the beautiful inland bays nearby. The town has all sorts of local shops and restaurants that when mixed with its serene beaches, have made Fenwick Island the perfect vacation destination.


Prior to 1732, William Penn of Pennsylvania and Delaware, and Lord Baltimore of Maryland both laid claim to the area. Neither had any clear definition of the borders and eventually, the dispute would be resolved and Delaware became the rightful owner.

Named after Thomas Fenwick in 1692, the area used to actually resemble an island full of inlets that were traveled by merchant ships and pirate vessels alike. The land remained mostly uninhabited because of an alarming number of shipwrecks off its coast. In 1859, a lighthouse was built which kept ships safe and lit the way for growth and prosperity.  As people began to take up residence in the area, the population increased over the century along with its appeal to vacationers.


Fenwick Island Town Hall
800 Coastal Highway, Fenwick Island, DE 19944