Bethany Beach

Bethany Beach, Delaware
Incorporated: 1901

Bethany Beach is a small beach town along the Delaware Coast frequently known as “the Quiet Resort.” Despite its small size, this quiet little beach town absorbs more than 15,000 families during the summer and remains a popular destination for its beautiful beaches, local shops, restaurants, boardwalk, and bandstand.


Bethany Beach originally was intended to be a religious retreat by members of the Christian Church. The first building was a tabernacle which served the community for 60 years before falling to storms and termites. It seemed the growth of Bethany Beach would stall after the railroad system failed to make its way there.

Sometime later, six businessmen from Pittsburgh came on the scene and took over the floundering community. Over time they set in motion the wheels of change and progress that led to a thriving family and tourist locale known today.


Bethany Beach Town Hall
214 Garfield Pkwy, Bethany Beach, DE 19930
302-539-8011 BETHANY BEACH CAM