Bethany Beach #1 TripAdvisor September Steal


We love August. But it can be an expensive month to book a trip, especially if you’re planning a last-minute escape. You know what we also love? September! It’s when the tourists draw away from the resort towns, and the beaches, museums, and parks can suddenly feel a bit less frantic.

We know you still want the good weather and activities associated with summer, so we’ve done the research and identified 14 popular destinations where September still means summer, but your budget will stretch further. These great destinations boast up to 37% savings* on September rental stays compared to August rates.

Book a vacation rental from TripAdvisor with more space, amenities, and home comforts than you might have been able to afford in August. Better yet: you can use that extra cash for top-notch attractions, first-class restaurants, or as kindling for the fire pit as you roast s’mores under the stars (kidding, don’t do that). Below are our picks for the best September steals. Happy vacation hunting!



$2,003 Weekly AVG Rate: August
$1,269 Weekly AVG Rate: September
37% Savings

“Close to the beach and for the money you can’t beat the stay. The pool is also great for the kids.” — TripAdvisor Reviewer

Welcome to Bethany Beach, with its pretty clapboard homes overlooking the ocean and its wide sandy beaches ripe for exploring. It’s a peaceful alternative to the bigger resorts in the area, with plenty of friendly seaside stores and eateries. A great base for extended families or bands of buddies on the hunt for a relaxing stay by the beach.

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