Atlantic Physical Therapy Becomes the First Clinic to Offer SMARTfit Technology

Atlantic Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, serving the community with the highest quality of physical therapy care since 1998, announced the addition of SMARTfit device to their PT services especially regarding balance.  SMARTfit is an iOS/Android driven workout console that delivers customized and scalable programming to address specific cognitive and neurological training needs of each client to promote better physical therapy outcomes.

“We recognize that dual task activities; performing two activities at once; simulate real life and that’s exactly what SMARTfit delivers in its therapy and training activities,” said Bobby Hammond, president and physical therapist, Atlantic Physical Therapy.  “By simultaneously performing balance activities and cognitive tasks it allows patients to better simulate real life activities. Not only is it an excellent tool to help with balance but it also helps our younger athletic population. It’s fun, engaging and has a proven track record of speeding up the recovery process.”

SMARTfit specializes in the areas of:

  • Balance
  • Vestibular
  • Memory
  • Cognitive training
  • Post-Concussion
  • Orthopedic
  • Joint
  • Stroke
  • Parkinson’s rehab
  • Dementia prevention
  • Training for children on the autism spectrum

SMARTfit aides in progressive resistance training and neuro-rehabilitation and is also being incorporated into Atlantic Physical Therapy’s Total Joint and Stroke Rehabilitation protocols.  The technology incorporates activities to improve balance on stable and unstable surfaces, stand and reach activities and reaction time for older patients.  Higher level stroke patients benefit from the programs offered to improve cognition and motion.

SMARTfit Improves Cognitive Motor Connectivity

Exercise that engages cognitive function effects central nervous system health and the brain’s ability to change throughout a lifetime.  There is a direct link between an active lifestyle and how it delays age-related brain function decline.  With help from the qualified therapists at Atlantic Physical Therapy, SMARTfit assists with improved visual attention and memory, reaction time, improved concentration, problem solving skills, and bilateral and eye-hand coordination.

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