Delaware 2018 Primary Elections – What Do I Need to Know?

The 2018 primaries are rapidly approaching and below is a quick information guide to the process and those districts within the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce membership area in which primaries are to occur. Information regarding the General Election will be provided in October 2018.


What do I need to know:

  • You must be registered to vote in General, Primary and Special Elections.
  • You do not have to be registered to vote in school elections.
  • You can pick a political party affiliation when you register.
  • If you do not pick a political party, you will be registered as unaffiliated.
  • You must register as either a Democrat or Republican to be able to vote in the primary. Registered Democrats must vote for Democratic candidates and registered Republicans for Republican candidates in the primaries.
  • Changes of address with the Post Office do not update your voter registration.
  • You must vote at the polling place for the address for your home on Election Day.
  • For additional information go to
  • August 11, 2018 was the voter registration deadline for the primaries
  • October 13,2018 is the voter registration deadlines for the November General Election


Date: Thursday, September 6, 2018

Time: 7:00am to 8:00pm

Where: See a list of polling places here, or go to


2018 Sussex County Primary Candidates:

Sussex County Council District 4 

  • Douglas Hudson | Republican
  • George Parish | Republican

Sussex County Council District 5 

  • Kevin Christophel | Republican
  • John Reiley | Republican 

2018 Statewide Primary Candidates:

US Senate

US House of Representatives 

Attorney General 

State Auditor