Mountaire Begins to Vaccinate Employees

Mountaire Farms began coordinating vaccinations for employees this week to help protect them from the spread of COVID-19.

This past week, Tidal Health reached out to partner with Mountaire in getting employees vaccinated in Maryland and Delaware. After weeks and weeks of planning, Mountaire was eager to jump at this opportunity and arranged for buses from each processing plant to transport workers to Tidal Health in Seaford during their shift.

Next week, Health and Wellness Centers located on site at Mountaire facilities in Millsboro and Selbyville will be set up to vaccinate workers in coordination with Premise Health.  Premise Health has operated the company’s Health and Wellness Centers for many years and worked with Mountaire to develop the vaccination plan.

In North Carolina, Premise Health will also be getting some much-needed vaccine supply next week for Mountaire employees as well.

“We are grateful to be able to provide this for our workforce,” said President Phillip Plylar. “Many people to thank at Tidal Health, Premise and within state leadership in Maryland and Delaware for pulling this together – Thank you.  Would also like to thank the team at Beebe for their continued support.  We have a lot of very excited people.”

Mountaire officials have been asking employees to sign up for the vaccine if they were interested since news of the vaccine first became available in late December. In addition, Mountaire has produced a series of videos in multiple languages concerning the benefits of the vaccine.  Several of the videos include local healthcare experts answering common questions about the vaccine and providing team members with information on the positives of being vaccinated.

“With nearly 5,000 team members on the Shore, it will take some time to get everyone vaccinated.  However, we care about our people and communities and are committed to getting this done.  We are up for the challenge and encourage all of our employees to get the vaccine.” Plylar said.

The company is giving $40 VISA gift cards to those employees who receive both shots.