The Town of Millville… a beautiful way of life!


Millville is a small municipal community in Sussex County, Delaware. The Town of Millville was incorporated in 1906 and celebrated its Centennial in 2006. The area is known for its small town atmosphere and quiet way of life contrasted with the larger resort Towns like Rehoboth and Bethany Beach. It’s thought the name of the Town came from a lumber mill, west of Railway Road, owned by George F. Townsend.

A Council type government with a Mayor and four Council Members who are elected to two-year terms every March govern Millville. Nestled between Ocean View and Dagsboro on Route 26, Millville is home to six banks, two large grocery stores and numerous other retail locations. Millville also has several communities with new homes and town homes being built daily within town limits like Bishop’s Landing, Coventry, Millville By the Sea, and Windhurst.

Millville has grown slowly over the past century — the U.S. Census of 1910 found nearly 200 men and women living in town, and nearly 100 years later, that number still hadn’t reached 300, however, the recent 2010 Census revealed an increase in population to 544 full-time residents.

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